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Serving global demand and powering acquisition and logistics for increasingly difficult-to-source proteins.

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If you're like us, you value quality, rarity, and provenance. A steak can come from anywhere, but the experience of consuming a fresh exotic beast from half a world away is unmatched. Whether you're firing up the grill for a unique family dinner or hosting a closed-door tasting experience for high-profile clients atop the Burj Khalifa, we can cater to your tastes. We are a turn-key solution handling sourcing, procurement, field processing, and customs negotiation.

Global Sourcing

Our database of global suppliers is updated weekly. Our network of suppliers is capable of fulfilling orders of any size, whether you are hosting a backyard gathering or a corporate event. Our suppliers are all local to their product in order to ensure the highest quality specimens.


Your tastes at our service. Our team of procurement specialists understand the complicated process of both working with our suppliers and negotiating with local officials. We have exclusive access to refuges, sanctuaries and zoos in 47 countries, with more added monthly.


Our product is field processed and vacuum sealed within minutes of location utilizing sterilized food grade equipment. Unlike our competitors, all of our field operations teams include a certified butcher. Halal and Kosher options available; ask your specialist for details!

Fast Secure Shipping

Buy with confidence. Our exclusive agreements with global supply chain operators and port authorities ensure your purchases arrive at your door with little delay. All orders packed with dry ice and labelled discretely.


Pricing is per specimen, per kilogram; all prices subject to change based on market availability. Popular options below -- if you don't see it, we can get it! We are sorry, but we cannot accomodate partial orders. All prices in USD. Volume discounts available!

Lowland Gorilla
Our most popular option
Full bodied flavor
Pairs well with Malbec
Zoo-kept discounts!
Western Black Rhino
Closeout pricing!
Perfect for large events
Horns not included
Try it smoked!
Giant Panda
Easy to acquire
Rich taste
Wonderful umami
We love it braised!
Hawksbill Turtle Eggs
Omellete to remember!
Great for keto
Grow your own meat!
Low risk catch, low price

Our Team

Service is our priority. Our team works around the clock to ensure your satisfaction.

David Jefferson Olowakombe, President and Chairman of the Board
Joseph K., Head of WW Procurement Operations
Skylar Blakemann, Finance and Logistics
Fatuma Quiwonkpa, Customer Relations


9649+8J New Kru Town, Liberia
+231 77 021 1709